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Gill Emslie, PhD, Dipl. Process Work, is a process orientated facilitator and coach working with conflict facilitation, psychotherapy and leadership. She also teaches internationally in diverse settings ranging from the NGO and social and environmental justice sector, to business and local government, in Europe, Latin America and SE Asia, facilitating in-depth training programmes and working directly with leadership teams.  Gill has also spent several years living and working with indigenous people in remote areas of the Earth and this has awoken in her a particular love for bio-cultural diversity and concern about its current predicament.  When she is not travelling Gill lives in the Findhorn Foundation Ecovillage which is an NGO providing training on issues of global concern related to sustainability, environment, peace, shelter and the creation of a sustainable world. Gill is the founder of the Processwork Institute and training in Spain.





Andy has a private practice as a registered UKCP psychotherapist, supervisor and training supervisor. Based in Edinburgh he also has a variety of teaching, coaching, project development and design roles. He co-founded Diversity Matters which was active from 2001-2021 and was instrumental in the design and delivery of the HEC in the Person-centred Approach at Queen Margaret University which has won a string of awards, particularly for changing workplace practice and in life-long learning. 

One of the latest projects The GO DEEP GAME won an award for Innovation in Global Education through GENE. Andy is passionate about leadership and provides coaching support for leaders in NGO’s and the Voluntary Sector, and continues to develop projects focussed on the collective well-being of people, place and planet.

Andy is a faculty member in the schools of Processwork in the UK and in Spain.

andy@processworkscotland.org.uk  www.godeepproject.org 


Kim is a psychotherapist and trainer in Process Work or Process-oriented psychology with over 15 years experience of working with individuals and groups. She has worked with children for 18 years as a teacher and more recently as a therapist. She have a huge interest in the education system and how the emotional and social relationship between the individual and institutions may promote or deter our learning. She works with mental health issues connected with abuse, trauma and the social oppressions which we keep hidden. As a lesbian woman I run groups on LGBT issues and on transgender lives. She also has alopecia, a condition associated with hair loss, and is bald. She is currently working on raising awareness around this condition and the wider area of how appearances impact our lives. She have a keen interest in eco-psychology, in exploring our connection to the Earth and how this can deeply sustain us.


All the above teachers/facilitators are registered with UKCP and Pat, Andy and Gill also Faculty Members with RSPOPUK which is the training body for Process Work in the UK. Gill is the founder of the Institute for Processwork and Deep Democracy in Spain (http://trabajodeprocesos.net/). where Andy is also a central teacher.

Below are students of Processwork who are practicing under supervision in Scotland.



Based in Edinburgh she runs a private therapy practice both in Polish and in English (sessions for individuals and couples, workshops, trainings for groups and organizations), and co-operates with Feniks Support Services Ltd in Edinburgh and other non-government organizations on social and cultural projects. Previously worked as an Inclusion and Diversity Development Worker for Girlguiding Scotland.

Her main psychological interests embrace the areas of adaptation problems and intercultural differences, crisis intervention, trauma, relationship problems, self-esteem, the inner critic, stress & burn-out and discovering & developing one’s life myth.

E-mail: info@processwalk.com

Tel: +44 7900 474 001



I qualified as a process oriented psychotherapist in April 2020 after studying for 10 years, and have been working with individuals, couples and groups since 2013. I am also a 5Rhythms Dance teacher accredited by Gabrielle Roth since 2004 and Open Floor Movement teacher since 2017, as well as a Therapy in Motion therapist with Open Floor International. I am a co-founder and publisher with Handspring Publishing founded in 2011, where I work with researchers and prominent teachers in the areas of bodywork and movement.

I facilitate and support those with trauma by exploring the difficult places often experienced.  My work also includes facilitation and coaching of those who struggle with their inner and outer world as part of personal growth and development. 

Mostly, I support the process that is emerging, allowing for you to experience new parts in yourself and how this impacts your relationships and the world around you.  Sessions can be in person or online. My website is www.movetobestill.com.

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