UK Based Facilitators

In Scotland

Pat Black
: 0131 347 1334,
Mob 07900696219;
Andy Smith, 0131 347 1334;

Kim Ward, Edinburgh, 0131 661 0581 

Gill Emslie: 01309 690673;

Sylwia Kiro Zabinska, 0131 258 0807  

Sarena Wolfaard

in England 

Jill Brierley: 01452 740409;
Iona Fredenburgh, 01453 757127;

Emily Hodgkinson, 07963 350758;

Arlene Audergon: 0207 692 7393;
Jean-Claude Audergon: 0207 692 7392;
Anup Karia, 020 8579 5123;
Stanya Studentova, 020 8297 1053;

Helen Wells, 01603 440047;

Sue Milner, 01364 643108;

Paris, France

Evelyn Figueroa: +1 503 213 5954; 

Organisational links

CFOR - Community Force for Change (Community Forums) 

Europe Matters

Deep Democracy Institute

Asta Facilitation

Arts Atelier

The War Hotel - Psychological Dynamics in Violent Conflict

Process Work Services

Lao Tse Press - Process Work Publications

New Dimensions Radio (Interviews with Dr Arnold Mindell)

Worldwork on the internet
(live interactive, lectures, discussions; order videotapes) 

Process Work Centres

Interchange Studios
Hampstead Town Hall Centre
213 Haverstock Hill, London NW3 4QP
Student Coordinator
Anup Karia
Tel: 020 8579 5123

Web: Process Work Center of Portland
2049 NW Hoyt St.
Portland, OR 97209 USA
Tel: (503)223-8188
Fax: (503)227-7003

Institute for Process Psychology Poland (for training)

Research Society for Process Oriented Psychology, Zurich, Switzerland
Forschungsgesellschaft fur Prozessorientierte Psychologie
Binzstrasse 9
CH-8045 Zurich
Tel: (01) 451 2070
Fax: (01) 451 2070

Process Oriented Psychology Australia
Silvia Camastral
Process Oriented Psychology Australia
PO Box 145
Sherwood Qld 4075
Tel: 07 3379 4359

Process Oriented Psychology in Germany

Sebastian Elsaesser (dipl.POP)
D-70619 Stuttgart
Tel: +49-7164-90 99 72
Fax: 7164- 90 99 73

The Portal for International Process Work

POPI Slovakia

Process Work Denmark

Process Work Netherlands

Society for Process-oriented Psychology Poland

Process Work Greece

Process Work New Zealand

Processwork Academy 'Akademia POP' Poland (Bogna Szymkiewicz and Tomasz Teodorczyk)

International Diplomate Websites

Arnold & Amy Mindell

Arlene and Jean Claude Audergon

Joanna Dulinska and Michal Duda

Max Schupbach

Stephen Schuitevoerder

Reini Hauser

Gary Reiss

Julie Diamond

Lane Arye

Sara Halprin

Jan Dworkin

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